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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

(video) Tough

What an incredible week in Louisiana! From experiencing the oil-covered beaches to meeting the sweetest people, each day has given us something to work hard for. When people line up at seven in the morning for a box of food and a one-hundred dollar voucher for groceries, one may think that it's just a normal part of providing aid. When I experienced first-hand what it was like to witness families with children and proud fishermen line up and literally beg, all sense of normalcy disappeared. We worked in the St.Bernard and Lafitte parishes and found that these people are tough. The families persevere because there is little else to do. They are all waiting for real assistance. You need to understand that the entire economy for hundreds of miles has stopped. The economy for thousands of people depends on the vitality of the fish and shrimping waters in the Gulf of Mexico. It is our sincere goal that we continue to provide relief wherever we can. This means supplying families with food, organizing volunteers to work with Catholic Charities, the Red Cross, United Way, and other organizations. We are also connecting people with information about how they can help with environmental issues. There are also so many ways to help with crisis management and state agencies. Just cut through the red tape! Take a look!