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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Middle of the Night

Good Morning,

I'm in the bedroom going through a mental checklist that's about 1200 miles long, or about as long as it takes to get to New Orleans.

Before even getting in the car, it's been an adventure. In the past 24 hours we've put together quite a bit. This morning we spent a few hours trying to recruit people. What would you say if someone asked you to drop everything for a week and drive 1200 miles? Thank goodness Chris is coming along, he has a brain for science. I'm bummed Mike couldn't make it down this week. He's the best photographer I know. He's on speed dial though. He's just the man in case we would ever need an "emergency" photographer. I put in 2 more calls to the BP people and the United Way. Let's cross our fingers for some quick responses in the morning.

You know, I'm learning so much because I just can't stop reading the news and information about the Gulf Coast. As we speak the RSS feeds and Twitters are constantly updating with news. Today, I just can't believe that we're only just about to see the beginning of what we can all assume will be an environmental and economic disaster. So far, all I can do is imagine the situation down there. So many people loosing everything. No single person can possibly have the answer to recovery, and at this point I can't wait to help in any way I can, learn more about a part of America I've never seen before, and share with all of you the experiences along the way.

Just so everyone knows, we don't know where we will be staying for the first night yet! I know, it sounds crazy, but we're going down with hopes and prayers. I have faith that something in the way of lodging will develop. If not, I found hotels with rates under $50 a night! We have the camera equipment ready to bring you footage as well. I'm so glad that school and my students are so great. I have to thank my family, you made me crazy enough to do this. Much love and thanks to Enid, Diane, and Michael for their generosity today. I'll leave you with that tonight, with so much on my mind. Until next time!

Best Wishes,