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Thursday, June 10, 2010

There's so much work to do!

I just arrived in Pennsylvania exhausted after 20 hours and 1200 miles of open road. We're one man lighter on this trip! Chris will be working full time down in the New Orleans region as a biologist with a wildlife rescue service! We can't wait to hear from him, so keep checking in or sign up with your email address to know when we have an update. Scroll right above this blog to subscribe.

Please, take a look at our new "pages" list above our blog posts. Today, and in the near future, we will have our "urgent" needs posted here. We are planning another trip down to Louisiana, but this time we need you to get involved. Want to help and need to know how? We'll give you all the information you need... check out the "volunteer's page" and get in touch with us.

Take a look at our first go at the urgent needs list you will see on our "urgent needs page":

Immediately needed for next trip:
1. Volunteers!
2. Reliable van or vehicles
3. McDonald's cards (for families & volunteers)
4. Lowes  Gift Cards or Home Depot Gift Cards
5. Flashlights
6. Double A, C, and D batteries
7. First Aid Kits & Sun Block
8. Canned foods and 1lb rice bags
9. Peanut Butter
10. Baby Formula
11. Ensure Shakes
12. Diapers
13. Childrends Books, Games, and Clothing
14. Plastic garbage bags
15. Verizon or AT&T gift cards
16. Old Cell Phones
17. Energy Efficient Lightbulbs
18. Gift Cards to BJ's Whole Sale Club or WalMart

We NEED help setting up our office and getting grants! 

We would like to organize another group as soon as possible, but
we must  organize our effort first! Please consider loaning or giving a  loving new home to some of the following items! 
1. Digital Cameras for volunteers
2. Laptops, gently used or new
3. Dry Erase Board
4. FedEx/Kinko's gift card
5. Goggles & Gloves
6. Free event space
7. Safety Cones
8. Caution Tape
9. Reflective vests
10. Hard Hats
11. Office Chair
12. Desk (s) / Table
13. Office supplies
14. Gas Cards

Amazing Experience

As Gordon posted, I will be working as a biologist in the effort to rescue animals in the gulf. I haven't begun work yet, but I am getting used to the roads in this part of Louisiana (aka I have been officially lost for 10 hours). To the family at Catholic Charities, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you serve the communities of Lafitte and St. Bernard. I will forever remember what this volunteer experience meant to me. You are doing good things.

Thank you to all of our supporters, you have really made a difference for the people we helped while on our humble journey. This adventure showed us how much the people of the gulf appreciate even the smallest gesture. I hope to help Gordon coordinate more waves of volunteers to the Gulf area to help organizations like Catholic Charities. The oil will not last forever, but the spirit of teamwork through volunteering will stand the test of time. Please consider giving your time, talent or treasure to the people of the gulf. Joining the droves of people working and volunteering to restore the gulf is the right thing to do. BP is funding cleanup efforts and volunteer organizations alike, so people have the ability to make the gulf a tourist and fishing destination once again. That is why I have decided to stay here and work toward the solution.