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Monday, May 31, 2010

Here we go!

Welcome to Restoring the Gulf online. I'm Gordon by the way. Don't you feel that sometimes it's just not enough to talk about action? The news reports are increasingly alarming and the countless interviews of frustrated residents of the Gulf are heartbreaking, but there's something we can do about it.

We are in this together, Americans from coast to coast coming together to prove to the world that anything less than a full restoration of the Gulf is unacceptable.

On May 31st, we came up with a five step plan.

Step one: Commit to action. This has been easy so far.

Step two: Establish social networking. We're on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Blogger. That means that we can stay in touch with anyone at any time.

Step three: Reach out. Time to contact our friends, family, church organizations, volunteer organizations, experts in the field, and most importantly: small businesses. The planning must be quick, because every minute planning is a minute that we could be on the ground taking action. If you can help us, just email and ask how. We're looking for places to stay, businesses that need exposure, and media outlets who will cover our efforts.

Step four: Get to the Gulf Coast. Our goal: New Orleans. We need to establish a headquarters.

Step five: TAKE ACTION. Our goal is to reach out to be an extra pair of hands for whatever needs to be done. This includes cleaning up messes, filling sandbags, arranging paperwork for grants or relief claims, helping arrange transportation, getting businesses some much needed revenue, and raising awareness EVERY DAY. We cannot let this disaster disappear with the next news cycle.

As of this very moment we are arranging transportation, money to help support our efforts, and media/photographed coverage. We will keep you posted.

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